Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ryan has been gone for 5 whole days. He went fishing for a brand new $40,000 bass boat. (You thought he went fishing for fish!) Actually he did, but the prize for catching the biggest stringer over 3 days is a boat. He got 3rd place. A check for $1800 ain't bad for a few days work. I am so glad he is home. The kids are too. I missed him. After he has been out fishing for a few days, he always grows out his beard and has a tan. I tease him that it is like havin' a new man in the bed with me! Something else is different with him. He is committed to stop dipping the "yucky stuff" (i.e. tobacco). Please pray for him. It is gonna be hard for him. And believe me, it is gonna be hard on us too! I am proud of him. And I love him. Ryan, thank you for being the Godly husband that I yearn for and being the best dad to our babies. They're lucky kids.


I am new to this whole blogging thing. I started up this thing last week and I decided that I would take a look at it again. I noticed that I have 0 followers. I have not told anyone about my blogspot yet. I plan on downloading some pictures sometime of my family and telling funny jokes to all my readers. But right now, I am still learning the ropes and I really don't want anyone looking at my pitiful blogspot. I will call momma first and let her know. She will love it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our family

I shall create a blog. Stay tuned....